Monday, May 6, 2013

Survivors' Song

Lymphoma Rock Star Jamie Reno released a nice song on YouTube about a week ago, called "Survivors' Song."

Now, usually when I call some a Lymphoma Rock Star, it's because they do something great for Lymphoma -- advocates like of Karl Schwartz of and Liz McMillan of HOPE for Lymphoma, or authors like Betsy DeParry, or researchers like Dr. Bruce Cheson -- and so many others.  So the "Rock Star" title is usually kind of an honorary thing.

Jamie Reno, however, is an actual Rock Star, as the video makes clear. He wrote and sings the song, and features his hero Peter Frampton on lead guitar. Go to his web site, and you'll see that he's also an author and speaker, as well as a 16 year Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor.

"Survivor's Song" features some cancer survivors singing the chorus, as well as the great couplet "We have met the devil, stared him down and kicked his ass./We have tales to tell. We live for now, not in the past."

The video is linked above, but I'll just embed here, too. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Listening to Jamie's song, made my day! There is also a book I noticed. Very uplifting for us Stage IV Folliculars... Thanks for posting. Joanna

Lymphomaniac said...

Thanks Joanna. Yes, Jamie's book is definitely worth reading.