Monday, May 20, 2013

Good Numbers

Now that I've gone and preached about not paying attention to numbers, I'm going to be a hypocrite and give you some of my numbers.

I got the blood work results from my annual physical. This isn't the blood work from my last oncology visit, which I don't pay attention to. This is just the basic stuff from my general practitioner.

My total cholesterol is 172 (should be under 200).
My HDL ("good") cholesterol is 48 (should be under 40).
My LDL ("bad") cholesterol is 110 (should be under 130).
My triglycerides are 71 (should be under 150).
My thyroid and vitamin D levels are healthy.

In short, I maintain my title as the healthiest cancer patient in town.


My computer is broken -- hard drive and/or operating system corrupted, so it boots up when it feels like it. I'm getting it fixed, and the loaner netbook I was given has been installing updates for the four hours. (It's currently on update #36 of 49.) My wife was good enough to let me borrow hers for a few minutes, after the kids were finished borrowing it for their own stuff.

I hope to have mine fixed, or my loaner updated, tomorrow. Or maybe Wednesday. I'll get back to allof that good cancer stuff soon. Especially ASCO commentary.

In the meantime, I'm going to celebrate my triglyceride numbers with some full-fat ice cream with sprinkles. Because I'm that kind of guy....a loner...a rebel....

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