Friday, February 11, 2011


I spent a really long time writing a blog post last night and it wasn't up on the blog when I checked this morning like it was supposed to be. And it wasn't saved anywhere, either. So I clearly either (1) messed something up really bad when I wrote, saved, and posted it, or (2) imagined the whole thing and am losing my mind.

Either one is possible.

I'm frankly too busy to re-write it, and I have the horrible feeling that it probably wasn't all that good to begin with.

But what got me most was that feeling you get when you realized you spent a lot of time on something and then it all disappeared. You, know -- in the movies, there would be an overhead shot, slowly pulling away, as you say "Nooooooooo!"

So in celebration of that feeling, look at this story from this week's Slate, which includes a link to a video featuring just under 12 minutes of people in TV shows and movies saying "Nooooooo!"

It is far more compelling than you would think.

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