Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Happy Lymphoma Awareness Day!

September 15 is honored every year as World Lymphoma Awareness Day, a movement begun by the Lymphoma Coalition. This is a world-wide initiative, which makes sense, since the Lymphoma Coalition is made up of Lymphoma-related organizations from all over the globe.

It always seems a little strange to talk about lymphoma awareness here, since the people who read this blog are probably the most lymphoma-aware people ever. (Be honest -- how many of you have ever stared at your lymph nodes, certain that they were getting bigger before your eyes?)

It's the rest of world, though, that's need some educating. Sadly, that includes some doctors. Last year's Lymphoma Coalition global survey found that 62% of lymphoma patients had been misdiagnosed -- doctors thought at first that it was something other than lymphoma. Clearly, the world needs some better knowledge about lymphoma.

The Lymphoma Coalition has some suggestions on their web site for what you can do to raise awareness. It's easy to spread the word online -- look at you, you're online right now, reading this. I'll bet you're on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other social media, too. Share some statistics, graphics, links, information -- anything to get the word out.

You have a personal investment in this matter.

Also, have some ice cream tonight. You deserve it.

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Rodrigo Carvalho said...

Happy Lymphoma Awareness Day to All of Us!