Thursday, July 31, 2014

Patient Power on Idelalisib/Zydelig for Follicular Lymphoma

Many thanks to Ann Erikson, who let me know that the good folks at Patient Power just posted a video discussing Idelalisib/Zydelig, and what the FDA approval means for patients with relapsed Follicular Lymphoma. I hadn't visited Patient Power in a while, so I'm glad someone else was on top of it. Ann found the video "very encouraging," and I would have to agree.

And it sounds like Dr. John Pagel, from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, is also very encouraged. He is interviewed in the video by Andrew Schorr, who founded Patient Power (and who does so much to educate the cancer community).

Dr. Pagel describes Idelalisib/Zydelig as "patient friendly," fairly well-tolerated, and allowing for a relatively normal life.He calls it a "revolutionary approach."

He also is excited above the FDA's Accelerated Approval for the treatment (something I also thought was pretty significant).

Finally, and while I'm reluctant to say it, Dr. Pagel thinks a cure is not far off. "It's a great time to be a researcher," he says, and not the worst time to be a Follicular Lymphoma patient.

Thanks again, Ann.

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