Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Scan Results

I got the CT scan results from Dr. R -- things look great.

It was a short conversation, since I was driving when he called (my wife put the phone on speaker and held it up so I could hear).

Dr. R said there were a few swollen nodes on the scan, but nothing terribly large. The biggest ones were a little over one centimeter; generally, anything smaller than a centimeter is considered "normal."

All of this seems like an ever-so-small improvement on the last scan I had, from three years ago. And that one was an improvement over the scan I had right after my Rituxan treatments.

So is this a matter of Rituxan continuing to hold things off, four years after I had it? Maybe, but not likely. Rituxan generally does its job for about 12-18 months (if I'm remembering correctly), though that's a median, so half of patients will do better than that. So Rituxan is probably playing at least some role.

I'm going to be cautious, though, and say that I'm also benefiting from the "waning" part of this waxing-and-waning disease. (I think "waning" means slowing down, right? I get them mixed up sometimes. Why does "waxing" mean "getting worse? What a weird phrase.)

Anyway, whatever caused my good scan, I've always said that Rituxan was my bestest pal, and I'm not going to stop now.

So it's a good day here at Lympho Bob Manor.

Stay hopeful, everyone.


Virginia Miller said...

I'm happy for your good news, Bob! And thanks for continuing to keep us informed!!

Anonymous said...

Bob so happy for u! - jeanne

Anonymous said...

Glad your results were good!!

Lymphomaniac said...

Thanks, everyone.