Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Post-Surgery Follow-Up

I saw the shoulder surgeon today. Things look good.

The incisions are healing very nicely. (Arthroscopic surgery is a remarkable thing -- three small holes, now covered with band-aids.)

I'm allowed to shower on my own now, without assistance from my wife. (I'll miss her....)

And I have some new exercises to do, which he held off having me do right away. So he's confident that things are at least beginning to heal.

He also showed me some pictures from the surgery. As I said, arthroscopy is a pretty remarkable thing. He managed to reconstruct things and sew them all back together.

It's all going to taker some time, of course, and lots of hard work to get things back to normal, or close to normal, but it was nice to have some confirmation that things are on track.

Back to Lymphoma stuff soon