Tuesday, February 4, 2014

World Cancer Day!

Happy World Cancer Day, everyone!

I had big plans to celebrate our special day by making soup, since it's about 18 degrees out and we are in between snow storms. It was going to be quite the soup, too: a spicy tomato base with crab (to represent cancer, like the zodiac sign). Then I thought maybe I'd do something to represent lymph nodes. Corn? Pearl couscous? But then it started to seem yucky and I lost my appetite. Maybe I'll make cupcakes instead. (Without the lymph nodes.)

Anyway, it's World Cancer Day, sponsored by the Union for International Cancer Control. This year, their focus is on dispelling myths about cancer. Their 4 big myths:
1) We don't need to talk about cancer
2) Cancer: There are no signs or symptoms
3) There is nothing I can do about cancer
4) I don't have the right to cancer care

You don't have to read much of this blog to know that I'm down with dispelling these four myths.

I also fully believe in celebrating cancer. Partly because it gives us a chance to talk, but also because it reminds us that we're still here and fighting.

Celebrate not just the day, but all the days up to this one.

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