Friday, February 21, 2014

Patient Power on Indolent Lymphomas

Patient Power has another video related to indolent lymphomas. It's a follow-up to the ASH conference (which the video calls "the World Series" of blood disease conferences. Nice.)

The video is called "Targeted Approaches to Treating B-Cell Malignancies," and features a brief interview (a little under 7 minutes) with Dr. Leo Gordon from Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He discusses some of the treatments that have been in the news lately, like Ibrutinib, that are easy to take (pill form) and target processes that affect the survival of the cancer cells, rather than going after the cells themselves.

Dr. Gordon says he wishes he could start over right now, and see some of the research happening now coming into fruition. Given all of the great stuff happening, he thinks it is vital that more funding be provided for basic cancer research. Amen to that.

A nice video if you're looking for some hope....
Dr. Leo Gordon, from Northwestern Memorial Hospital - See more at:

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