Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Follicular Lymphoma: Idelalisib

Kind of a quicky, because I'm busy with work:

A phase 2 study of  Idelalisib (formerly known as GS-1101) shows good results in patients of Follicular Lymphoma and other indolent (slow-growing) lymphomas.

The trial looked at 125 patients, focusing particularly on those who refractory to Rituxan and certain chemos. Those enrolled had a median of 4 previous treatments. (Basically, these are folks who are starting to notice the quiver is getting a little light on arrows, if I can use a comparison I'm fond of.) This is a fairly under-represented group, so it's nice to a see a trial that focuses on them.

Idelalisib is another kinase inhibitor --one of those newer treatments that targets pathways that are necessary for B cells to survive. As such, they tend to have fewer horrible side effects than traditional chemo (though are still some side effects).

In this trial, 53.6% of participants achieved a response, and it lasted just a shade under a year. 89% of patients achieved at least some shrinkage in lymph node size.

The study was led by Dr. Salles, who was featured in a video with Dr. Cheson that I posted just a few days ago, discussing this very treatment (and other topics). As Dr. Salles said then, these treatments work pretty decently on their own, and seem to also increase the effectiveness of more traditional chemo.

There are a few people in my support group who are being given Idelalisib. Not sure if they are in this trial, specifically, but they seem to be generally happy with the results.

I assume we'll be seeing more of this in the months and years to come.

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