Saturday, March 5, 2011


Okay, I know I'm mkaing excuses and not providing you with the latest in lymphoma news, but I really am up to my elbows in student papers. Plus my eldest is in four different bands practicing on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, my middle one is in a play that practices Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday (plus band on Friday and oboe on Wednesday), and my youngest is good to her father and only has dance and choir and piano during the week, leaving the weekends free. So who has time for writing about cancer?

I'll give you another interesting link instead: a look at 54 breakfast cereals that are no longer with us.

Lots of Saturday morning cartoons in there, plus some that look like ice cream cones, donuts, and other things that shouldn't be made intro cereals. My second favorite is Croonchy Stars, featuring the Swedish Chef from the Muppets.

But of course, number one in my heart will always be the cereal from lymphoma survivor and Nodes of Gold honoree, Mr T.

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