Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Hope

I'm going to continue my Parade of Hope for 2011 and share this brief post from Chester, a member of my online support group. He titled the post "Well I Dodged the Bullet":

"I had a full body scan and compared to the one I had 5 months ago, everything is stable, if not a little better. Big relief because when I saw the doctor back then, he said he would put me on 2 year rituxan maintenance at the start of the new year. That’s what I expected to hear today, but instead, since nothing has changed, he said watch and wait. I will see him again in 4 months. Is there anything more frighten than sitting in the doctors office, waiting for him to come in and tell the scan results. I’ve been fighting NHL for close to 25 years and it does not get any easier. Happy healthy New Year my friends."

25 years! I love posts like this. And while it sucks that, even after all that time, there's still that bit of fear after a scan, and there's all the anxiety that comes from watching and waiting...25 years! How can you not love seeing something like that?


I see Dr. R tomorrow for a regular check-up. I had originally had this appointment scheduled for about 3 or 4 weeks ago, but it conflicted with a final exam, so tomorrow's the day.

I don't anticipate any problems. I'll try to post something in the afternoon, or early Saturday.

Wish me luck.

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