Monday, October 11, 2010

Web Interview

I mentioned this a few weeks ago: Betsy de Parry, author and lymphoma advocate, is back with round two of interviews with lymphoma specialists. Last week, she posted her interview with Dr. Rebecca Elstrom from Cornell, who discussed Indolent Lymphomas (including Follicular NHL).

The webcast lasts about an hour, and its as good an introduction to the current state of indolent lymphomas as you'll find online. Very update, very thorough.

Betsy has a strong interest (to put it mildly) in RadioImmunoTherapy (in fact, this week's webcast will deal with that topic), and it was nice to hear a few minutes devoted to that subject in the Indolent Lymphomas webcast. I'm looking forward to hearing a full hour on RIT later this week.

Well done, Betsy. Keep up the good work.

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