Tuesday, September 21, 2010


People Magazine has a short piece on Michael Douglas' progress with his cancer battle. He mentions that he is pleasantly surprised by the support he's gotten from cancer survivors, most of whom are strangers.

He shouldn't be very surprised, though it's understandable that he is. I remember how quickly the people in the support group became very close to me in a very short time. Obviously, there's a bond between people in the same situation, even if there situations aren't quite the same.

Certainly, it's the love and support of family and friends that mean the most. But there's something about talking to someone who's been there already that brings its own, different kind of comfort. The love of family and friends reminds you that you aren't alone, that there's someone with you right now. The support of survivors gives you a glimpse of where you hope to be, and a path to follow.

Anyway, he seems to be doing well, and I certainly wish him the best.

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