Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Denied Again

Well, once again, The MacArthur Foundation gave out its "Genius Grants" yesterday, and once again, I didn't win one.

The MacArthur folks don't describe their process for deciding who gets nominated, who gets a grant, and how they define "genius." So I can't even tell you why exactly my own genius continues to go unrecognized. It shouldn't be that tough -- my blog profile lists my occupation as "Super Genius." How hard can it be to find me? Do a Google search, for crying out loud.

Even worse, I don't get the consolation prize of seeing a cancer researcher win one this year. Some TV director, a few anthropologists, a scientist or three. No cancer people.

I may need to campaign more actively next year.

You know who should have gotten a Genius Grant? The researcher who was in charge of this study.....

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