Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cancer Cup Song

If you listen to Top 40 radio, you've probably heard a whole loot of Anna Kendrick's song "When I'm Gone" lately. It's also known as "The Cup Song," because Kendrick sang it in the movie Pitch Perfect while accompanying herself with a plastic cup. (You can watch the scene here.) Cute scene, catchy tune.

A few weeks ago, a young bone cancer survivor named Carmen Diaz, 13 years old, rewrote the song to reflect her cancer experience, and made a video. It's worth embedding it here:

Her two partners are actually two of her doctors. She made the video in hopes of being on Ellen DeGeneres's show. Racer Jeff Gordon has actually offered to help her make that happen. I can't find anything on whether or not she's going to be on Ellen's show, but it sure seems like the kind of thing Ellen would love.

Awesome video. Good luck, Carmen.

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