Monday, June 24, 2013

Follicular Lymphoma: Revlimid + Rituxan

Lots of reports in the last few days about a successful phase 2 trial that looked at Rituxan and Revlimid (sometimes known as R + R) in previously untreated Follicular Lymphoma patients. The results look very promising.

There's no need, I assume, to introduce about Our Old Pal Rituxan. I've written about Revlimid before, but it's worth a reminder:

Revlimid (also known as Lenalidomide) is kind of cool -- it works in a bunch of different ways, so it can potentially be used for lots of different cancers, both liquid and solid. It works, for example, by messing with cancer cells' ability to grow by keeping stromal cells from growing in the bone marrow. These cells are necessary for the cancer cells to grow -- no stromal, no cancer. It can also inhibit new blood vessels from growing, which cuts off a source of food for cancer cells.

This is a treatment with lots of potential.

And apparently, when combined with Rituxan, that potential is reached even more. The study looked at 54 patients (a pretty small sample, but it is a phase 2 study, after all), and a whopping 92.6% (50 out of 54) had a response to the treatment. 72% achieved a complete response.

Those are pretty darn good numbers. Absolutely worth making this a larger phase 3 trial.

In other news from the same company, Revlimid was combined with R-CHOP for patients with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (a more aggressive type). Similarly excellent results: 98% response rate, with 74% achieving a complete response.  It's not Follicular Lymphoma, but I always like to keep an eye out for anything that can help with transformed FL.....

Read about the two studies in stories from Benzinga and PharmaTimes Online.

Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi! the R and R trial is it the one by Dr. Fowler? he was the specialist we saw at MDA, btw my husband's condition is similar to yours, he's 44 years old, FL stage 3 , bmb neg and low tumor burden, the doc didnt mentioned about the R and R though, he was recommended w and w initially and rituximab single agent when treatment is needed. - Jeanne

Lymphomaniac said...

I don't think this was the Fowler study. It was presented by someone from Weill-Cornell. (Could be same study, just different reporting?) Whatever the case, it's all good news.
Sounds like things are going well with your husband. As you know, I'm all for W & W, with a Rituxan chaser. That Revlimid will probably be there when he needs it (if he ever needs it). No hurry.
I'm keeping you both in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, the one by Dr. Fowler is already in phase 2, yeah its absolutely good news,for now we are over the initial panic stage, (well at least for my part) we see it more like a chronic condition now, also forgot to mention that his blood work is "rock solid" too as you term it, and one doc we consulted even used the word "dormant" which is very assuring,thank you so much again for all the valuable info/advice/experience , your blog is definitely one of our sources of strength and hope, take care and regards to your family - Jeanne