Monday, October 25, 2010

Nice Video

Here's a link to a video from Tom Music, who is a member of my online support group.

Tom was asked to make a presentation for something called Ignite. This is a particular type of presentation in which the presenter has 5 minutes to enlighten the audience. Accompanying the presenter's talk are slides on a screen; the slides advance automatically every 15 seconds. You have no choice but to stick to the topic.

Tom talks about learning that he had lymphoma. In fact, he had "double lymphoma" -- an indolent type that had transformed into an aggressive type before it was discovered and diagnosed. Not real common, but not unheard of, by any means. He describes his initial reaction, how chemo works, and what he learned from it all. It's fast, but you can tell that Tom has a great attitude about it all.

Tom also has a great blog called Lymphomartini, which takes you through everything that he went through. The double lymphoma caused some complications, and he does a nice job of describing his feelings, his treatments, and how he handled it.

Another example of a fighter. Love those.

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